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Dear Friend ,
Please help me reach my target of £1000 for the Shabbat Walk charity. I know we are in unprecedented times so I am asking everyone to donate £3 towards this wonderful organisation.  I will בעזרת ה׳ be riding 200km on Sunday and Monday 30th and 31st August. 

Shabbat Walk aims to inspire the youth of our community to become givers. In doing so we are able to help and assist those who are struggling or are lonely in our community. Dedicated young volunteers assist families in need such as families with special needs children, new born babies and any other struggling families that may gain from some extra volunteer support. Older volunteers provide visits and shifts in hospitals 24/7.

Thank you for you support.

Kind regards , 
Dovid Cohen

Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£18.0030/08/2020MorawieckiWe love you Dave! Love your greatest mancunian admirers
£5.0028/08/2020YGbest of luck
£10.0027/08/2020Chaim KnopfRider with the best middos!
£100.0018/08/2020Leizer Morawiecki
£36.0013/08/2020Paul Berger
£36.0010/08/2020Yaakov Schmidt Good luck Dovid!
£5.0017/07/2020Moshe Schleider
£10.0017/07/2020Harry GunsbergWishing you very best luck family Gunsberg
£10.0012/07/2020Nesanel NeumanHatzlocha! (from an old friend of your Dad's :) )
£23.0005/07/2020Yechezkel Shemtov
£18.0005/07/2020Avromi And Rochelle FreilichSo proud of you always!
£18.0002/07/2020AnonymousThe Rebbe gives koach and brocha
£18.0002/07/2020Yecheskel MilsteinHatzlacha
£25.0001/07/2020Meyer Cohen
£15.0030/06/2020Alexander WeiszWell done for volunteering
£10.0015/06/2020Malya I love you Dovid enjoy your bike ride
£12.0014/06/2020Michal Cohen I love you so so much I know that you’ll be great Good Luck!!!!!! 😉
£18.0014/06/2020JAMIE HEINEY
£18.0010/06/2020Anonymousבהצלחה דוד
£18.0009/06/2020A Yekutiel Enjoy the ride Dovid!
£18.0009/06/2020Mr Feldman
£50.0008/06/2020AnonymousHatzlocha Dovid you are riding for a great cause
£10.0007/06/2020Matt Bernstein Best wishes Dovid
£10.0007/06/2020Caroline KatzGood luck Dovid!
£10.0007/06/2020Danny And Mindi MorrisGo Dovid Go! You are amazing!
£18.0005/06/2020Danny Stone
£36.0004/06/2020Sami And Yaeli"The more we are together the happier we will be"
£18.0003/06/2020Family KaplanWell done for all the amazing things you do!!
£36.0002/06/2020Mike RentzHappy to support this cause
£50.0002/06/2020AnonymousGood luck
£36.0001/06/2020Danielle Brull
£10.0001/06/2020Clive HartGood luck Dovid
£18.0031/05/2020Jack MillerGood luck
£10.0031/05/2020Jack Kada
£18.0031/05/2020Daniella SpectorGo Dovid hatslocha
£3.0031/05/2020AnonymousGo for it Dovid!
£100.0031/05/2020Cheryl TannenMazel tov to Eliezer and Shani on your engagement
£18.0031/05/2020Avi Rosenthal
£36.0031/05/2020Thierry Igla