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I am a co-ordinator for this amazing charity called Shabbat Walk which is a youth volunteer organisation. We are here to help families who have special needs children, families with newborn babies, families with financial & emotional struggles as well as visiting the elderly and the sick in hospital.

When our volunteers visit the care homes and hospitals we see first hand how it raises the spirits of these families and patients. We help out over 150 families weekly, our volunteers play with the children, help them with school work and take them out to provide the parents with some respite. We treat the children to pizza, take them to the park or play with them at home.

In the past 5 weeks we distributed toys to over 500 homes to assist with keeping the children occupied during these challenging times.

In 2019, 700 volunteers dedicated 55,120 hours of their own time to help people in need! Over 200 care home residents and 50 hospital patients were visited weekly!

However amazing this sounds we have huge running costs such as transportation to the hospitals & families, paying liason officers, training for volunteers, treats for the children to brighten their day and paying staff who coordinate, the list goes on...

At the end of August I am planning on riding 160km to help raise money for this important cause. I would be so happy if you could help me to reach my target, I appreciate that we are living in difficult times and would be so grateful for whatever you are able to donate to enable us to continue our vital work in the community.However,if for what ever reason i do not do,or complete the ride.shabbat walk still keeps all donation

With much thanks

Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£18.0001/09/2020Jolla Warshawsky
£1.0031/08/2020Mr R ZonnenseinHatzlocho
£18.0031/08/2020Uri Neufeld
£100.0031/08/2020Simche KahanSo proud of you! Love mum and dad
£10.0030/08/2020Benny Sanger
£36.0030/08/2020Paul Besnainou
£20.0030/08/2020The rovHatzlocho
£36.0029/08/2020Mr Z RothHatzlocho
£10.0028/08/2020AnonymousHazlocho from Meir!
£10.0028/08/2020DHatzlochoh Raboh! Stay safe....
£10.0027/08/2020Dov CohenHatzlocho!!!!
£5.0027/08/2020M WGood Luck
£10.0027/08/2020Abraham Eckstein
£10.0026/08/2020Yonatan Fisher
£72.0020/08/2020AnonymousLoads of hatzlocho
£18.0012/08/2020BazHi U. Hope you are having a blast at ZAY
£18.0002/08/2020Jay SteinbergHatzlocho
£40.0002/08/2020Refoel MalevskyHatzlocho
£18.0028/07/2020ReiferYou can do it!
£20.0023/07/2020Menachem GuttentagHatzlocho
£15.0022/07/2020Watchitsend me the hashtag
£10.0020/07/2020Mr Yair EmanuelHatzlocho
£20.0015/07/2020YM RockmillHatzlocho
£15.0005/07/2020AnonymousKeep up the good work
£10.0028/06/2020Moishe R
£121.0028/06/2020AnonymousHatzlocho Uri!
£3.0028/06/2020DebbyGood Luck Uri! So proud of you!
£24.0026/06/2020AnonymousCome on Uri you nearly there we will miss you at our minyen you can always come back
£50.0022/06/2020Naftali KahanWell done Uri. So proud of you
£10.0021/06/2020Alan MendelsohnAlan & Rachelle Mendelsohn
£10.0019/06/2020Mr SterlingHatzlocho
£10.0019/06/2020David Freifeld
£10.0018/06/2020Yitzi FreedmanThanks for all your hard work at Sussers
£5.0017/06/2020Yitzi BudeHatzlocho
£2.0017/06/2020chaim kahanregards from Stamford Hill
£10.0017/06/2020Avi Bude
£10.0017/06/2020Alan SteinbergHatzlocho rabah
£10.0016/06/2020Rebbe FeldmanHatzlocho Rabbah Uri! May you always reach all goals you set for yourself.. And set them high..
£10.0016/06/2020Yehuda Grunhut£100 offer still on
£10.0016/06/2020Efi KleinHatzlocho
£36.0016/06/2020Samson Elijah Hatslachah rabbah!!
£10.0016/06/2020Michael NemethHatzlocho Rabbo!
£10.0016/06/2020AnonymousHatzlocho Rabbo
£10.0016/06/2020Mark RoseHatzlocho. Well done
£15.0016/06/2020Rabbi S Zaiden
£18.0015/06/2020Moishe Adler
£5.0014/06/2020Yitzi GrunhutKeep it up!
£20.0014/06/2020Rabbi M KampfHatzlocho
£36.0014/06/2020Rabbi CohenHatzlocho
£18.0014/06/2020Robert Goldin
£36.0014/06/2020Shea MullerHatzlocho
£20.0014/06/2020Family A MosesHatzlocho from family A Moses
£18.0014/06/2020Israel Engelstein
£36.0011/06/2020Edward Teitelbum Well done
£100.0011/06/2020AnonymousGood Luck!
£18.0010/06/2020Yehuda WittenbergEnjoy the ride!
£20.0009/06/2020Akiva LobensteinAlways with a smile,keep on going!!
£20.0008/06/2020Pinny OlsbergHATZLOCHO! Missing seeing you and the family!
£36.0007/06/2020Chaim Reich
£10.0007/06/2020Yossi Friedlander
£50.0007/06/2020Henry KahanTremendous work! Thank you from all of us !
£18.0007/06/2020AnonymousKeep up the good work Uri ..Dov
£18.0007/06/2020Shimon WallaceHatzlocho!!
£18.0007/06/2020Arieh Kahan
£10.0007/06/2020Totti Lebrecht
£100.0007/06/2020GrandmaGood luck,i hope the sun shines on the day!
£18.0004/06/2020Debby MenczerHatzlacha raba Uri!
£13.0004/06/2020Uncle Davei know you are super fit - but time to start training...
£10.0004/06/2020Chaim Berkowicz
£25.0004/06/2020D Halibard
£5.0003/06/2020Shuki Hirsch
£10.0003/06/2020Eli SternlichtGood Luck
£18.0003/06/2020AnonymousThis is not just because I owe you. Wishing you huge hatzlocho keep up ur amazing devotion
£50.0003/06/2020Sharon HarrisGo Uri ! So proud of you and your fellow volunteers. Bubby and grandpa
£36.0002/06/2020Mr L RokachHatzlocho
£18.0002/06/2020Mikey Kahan
£36.0002/06/2020AnonymousWell done Uri.
£10.0001/06/2020David EngelsteinGood for you Uri
£5.0001/06/2020Jehuda KahanGo Uri!
£72.0031/05/2020Yisroel Pels Good luck Uri
£50.0031/05/2020Debra Caplin
£18.0031/05/2020Anonymousgood luck uri from your best cousin in gateshead yeshiva
£25.0031/05/2020Shana Znamirowski
£18.0031/05/2020Michael Rosenthal