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On August bank holiday, Sunday and Monday 30th and 31st  we will be cycling 220km to the Chiltern Hills and back.

The cycle will be split over two days and we plan to ride for over 10 hours. We have been training really hard because Shabbat Walk is a charity that is so important to the community. You’ll see our team fundraising target on the right. Your donation can really help us smash this goal.

At Shabbat Walk we aim to inspire the youth of our community to become givers. In doing so we are able to help and assist those who are struggling or are lonely in our community. Our dedicated young volunteers assist families in need such as families with special needs children, new born babies and any other struggling families that may gain from some extra volunteer support. Our older volunteers provide visit and shifts in hospitals 24/7.

The families that Shabbat Walk supports constantly express how much they appreciate the volunteers and what a difference they have made to their lives. In addition to this, the volunteers constantly express how this experience has transformed them and how they view the world. We, as volunteers, can agree that the experience has been amazing for us and we are honoured to be involved in such a great organisation.

In order to recruit more volunteers and sustain the growth of the organisation we urgently need more funds. Please donate now and help us to increase all the amazing work Shabbat Walk does!

Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£18.0030/08/2020Benny Sanger
£18.0027/08/2020H & Mהצלחה רבה
£100.0027/08/2020saba and bubbyhatzlocho mendy
£36.0024/08/2020N Halpern Don’t wobble
£50.0014/08/2020Dovid RokachHatzlocha Rabba
£150.0003/08/2020aba and mummywere so proud of you good luck
£3.0002/08/2020Big AhuvaMendy, ur a true role model for all that u do... nearly as good as me 😝 hatzlocha for the ride!!!
£36.0031/07/2020Elie ShaarjashuvTo my amazing nephew, we really miss you at our shabos meals, time to start again
£85.0025/07/2020 Anonymousenjoy the ride
£5.5024/07/2020Shmuli Stimler Enjoy the ride Maaser from camp
£18.0016/07/2020Mr Jossi Springer Good luck, Mendi
£18.0009/07/2020Eli And NechamaEnjoy the ride
£10.0011/06/2020AnonymousDefinitely been training!!
£10.0009/06/2020Baz Stern In honour of mendy and efraim
£180.0008/06/2020N Y Weinberger
£72.0007/06/2020AnonymousTizkeh Lemitzvos!
£18.0007/06/2020Mechel Liska KOL hakavod! Hatslacha! Mechel
£5.0004/06/2020anonymasgood luck
£10.0003/06/2020Ari EmanuelFor the best chavrusa!