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I am a volunteer for Shabbat Walk and when I and other volunteers visit the care homes and hospitals we see first hand how it raises the spirits of these families and patients. We help out over 150 families weekly, our volunteers play with the children, help them with school work and take them out to provide the parents with some respite. We treat the children to pizza, take them to the park or play with them at home.

In the past 5 weeks we distributed toys to over 500 homes to assist with keeping the children occupied during these challenging times.

In 2019, 700 volunteers dedicated 55,120 hours of their own time to help people in need! Over 200 care home residents and 50 hospital patients were visited weekly!

However amazing this sounds we have huge running costs such as transportation to the hospitals & families, paying liason officers, training for volunteers, treats for the children to brighten their day and paying staff who coordinate, the list goes on...

At the end of August I am planning on riding 220km to help raise money for this important cause. I would be so happy if you could help me to reach my target, I appreciate that we are living in difficult times and would be so grateful for whatever you are able to donate to enable us to continue our vital work in the community.

With much thanks 

Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£252.0029/08/2020Mummy and tattyWell done Shneur for your persistence and focus for such a great cause. Hatzlocho for tomorrow x
£10.0028/08/2020ST KahanHazlocho from Uri Kahan and family!
£50.0023/08/2020IanGo on shneur
£50.0023/08/2020Chaya Rivka Jayson
£13.0011/08/2020Binyamin JaysonSearch 'BENAMA PUBLISHERS'
£18.0009/08/2020Benji LandauGo, go, go!!
£10.0003/08/2020Dovid UsiskinGood luck with the walk!
£15.0005/07/2020Nadia Bernstein
£50.0030/06/2020Ann Jayson
£36.0028/06/2020Yehonosan Goldmeier Chazak v'amatz
£18.0025/06/2020Levi Degroen
£18.0024/06/2020Shaul Khalili
£26.0024/06/2020Alex Granat
£18.0024/06/2020Mark Dembovsky
£50.0024/06/2020Binyamin JaysonCheck out my website and search benama publishers on YouTube.
£15.0023/06/2020Adrian KorsnerWell done Schneur. A menscherdicher thing to do.
£30.0021/06/2020AnonymousWoohoo, go Shneur! You'll be great!!!
£36.0012/06/2020Yosef CowanHatzlocho rabbo!
£5.0009/06/2020Zaki Shapiro Good luck 😉
£18.0009/06/2020SHMUEL MAY Hatzlochah Shneur! Best wishes Shmuel & Abi May
£18.0008/06/2020Family DouekThankyou shabbos walker and walkers
£18.0007/06/2020David Wajsman
£5.0007/06/2020Simon CarrHatzlocho
£18.0007/06/2020Simon Silver
£18.0007/06/2020Jason Saunders
£5.0003/06/2020Anonymousyou have the man for the job
£54.0003/06/2020Jason Ben-zionHatsalcha raba!
£18.0003/06/2020Miriam Spero
£36.0003/06/2020Yosl Mann
£18.0002/06/2020Y C Goldstein How can I refuse such a young mench
£10.0002/06/2020Anonymousget rid of that boich
£3.0001/06/2020Binyamin Jayson C’mon Shneur get on that bike already 🚲