Dear Parents,

Following on from the huge success of the Bike Rides the last few last summers, we would like to offer your child the opportunity to participate in this years bike ride which will take place on August bank holiday, Sunday and Monday 29th and 30th. We will be riding from London over the course of two days and aim to ride a total of 220km. We will be staying in a hotel  overnight on the first day before returning back to Golders Green. Once we reach the hotel, we will be enjoying a surprise activity and supper. In order to participate in this bike ride, all riders must put down a deposit of £150 (due to some boys last year not taking the fundraising seriously...) and raise a minimum of £1000 which will really help us continue our work over the next year; We also expect all riders to train for this bike ride as this is a demanding ride. We will be having a meeting closer to the bike ride with tips for training and hydration in advance. Please fill in the following form in order to give your child consent to participate in this bike ride. Once this is done, we will send out an email with further details. We look forward to having your child involved in this very worthwhile cause.

Kind Regards

Eliezer Gilbert

PERSONALISED T-SHIRTS We will be ordering a personalised t-shirt. Please select your size preference (XS S M L XL XXL):

BIKE RENTAL If you would like to hire a road bike, we highly recommend:

On Your Bike
The Vaults,
Montague Close, London Bridge,
London, SE1 9DA


In order to participate in this years bike ride all riders must pay a £150 deposit (refundable upon reaching minimum target of £1,000). Riders must reach the following goals in order to secure their participation on this ride:

  • 15th June: £300
  • 30th June: £600
  • 31st July: £850
Failure to meet any of the above could result in automatic removal from the ride.

Rules and regulations - I confirm that the attached rules and regulations have been discussed with my son.

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