Stay Home - Save Lives - Support the Run for the Community

Shabbat Walk in conjunction with the Dubiner Brothers realised the need in our community to help with the Stay Home edict of the government.

There are many children, special needs and others, together with their parents who are finding this particularly hard to deal with.

There are only so many times a child can play with the same toy whilst in lockdown.

There is a clear need to supply these children with alternative toys to keep them amused and their parents sane.

This is where we come in – the Dubiner Brothers will be running in support of the Stay Home – Save Lives in order to Support the Run for the Community.

We will be running in our back garden up to half a marathon in support of this initiative.

The minimum run will be for 10 kilometres with a target fund to be raised in the sum of £10,000 – however, for every £1,000 raised above the initial target we will run an additional one kilometre up to a maximum of half a marathon (21 kilometres).

As a bonus, if we reach our £21,000 goal, our father Booky has agreed to join in and run the first kilometre.

All funds raised will be distributed immediately back to the community, primarily for children in need of this support.

The run will be held the morning of Lag Beomer and will be streamed live from our back garden.

Please click on the donate button to show your support – thank you!

We need you! The community needs you!

Stay Home – Save Lives – Support the Run for the Community

Mikey, Avi and Dudi Dubiner


12th May 2020

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