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Shabbat walk is an amazing organisation which helps people whether it is visiting lonely people in hospital, taking out people with special needs and helping EVERYONE. Shabbat walk are an amazing organisation so please help Shabbat walk by giving a small donation to our page.
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2nd March 2021

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28/02/2021 20:43

David And Gitty Bollag has sponsored
28/02/2021 19:17

Jeremy Conway has sponsored
28/02/2021 14:13

Y Steiner has sponsored
28/02/2021 14:13

Anonymous has sponsored
28/02/2021 14:08

Yossi Schleider has sponsored
28/02/2021 13:37

Rosie & Sari Schleider has sponsored
27/02/2021 22:51

Yanki & Tamara Davis has sponsored
27/02/2021 18:59

Avigail Davis has sponsored
26/02/2021 14:37

Anonymous has sponsored
26/02/2021 14:27

Rafi Hackenbroch has sponsored
Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£20.0028/02/2021David And Gitty BollagHazlacha Avi from David & Gitty
£18.0028/02/2021Jeremy ConwayThank you for all Shabbat walks wonderful work
£10.0028/02/2021Y Steiner
£5.0028/02/2021AnonymousAnd more... GO AVI!!!!!!!
£18.0028/02/2021Yossi Schleider
£70.0028/02/2021Rosie & Sari Schleider To the best uncle in the world! We love you!
£20.0027/02/2021Yanki & Tamara DavisTo such an amazing bro!!!! Good luck
£12.0027/02/2021Avigail Davis To the most amazing younger brother AVI.
£15.0026/02/2021Rafi Hackenbroch