Bazzas Boys Mashup

Hi, we all understand that these times can be tough. We need to laugh and be happy to get through this. Hopefully by watching this we will make you smile like Shabbat Walk makes loads of families smile. Please sponsor so they can continue to do this. Enjoy!


7th March 2021

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£20.0007/03/2021AnonymousGood luck!!!
£18.0026/02/2021AnonymousYour biggest fan - Benjys my hero ❤️❤️
£10.0026/02/2021AnonymousGreat job boys. Thank you
£5.0026/02/2021Mic Eida
£20.0026/02/2021Anna Sobel
£18.0024/02/2021Eliezer GilbertGreat stuff. thank you all so much. You are the best!!!!
£25.0024/02/2021Rachel Sobel
£10.0024/02/2021Yoni And Jess Barry