Online School Stereotypes

This video was inspired by many of our online lessons during lockdown, and to raise money for Shabbat Walk, an incredible organisation that helps hundred of struggling families to cope better, among many other things, we have created this video as a Purim Spiel to help raise money for them. The hours and hours of work we put into this pales in comparison to the hardworking volunteers of Shabbat Walk who willingly give up their time for the sake of others.

7th March 2021

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01/03/2021 17:45

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Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£40.0001/03/2021Daniel and Chaya
£18.0001/03/2021Osher Ollech
£36.0001/03/2021Danny FineWell done and great shpiel.... from Danny Fine and Aryeh Melinek
£10.0028/02/2021Rina Pariente
£36.0028/02/2021Wise OwlGreat efforts, Nachas moments
£180.0028/02/2021Winston And Janet GilbertSorry didn’t chup that two local fantastic mosdos were splitting 50:50. So here’s second tranche. An
£18.0028/02/2021AnonymousLichvoid Alexander the shvogger
£18.0028/02/2021Lizanne ChalkFantastic spiel, boys. Well done!
£100.0027/02/2021Yishai Ormonde
£10.0026/02/2021Barney PhillipsLchovod Alexander Weisz