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With a yearly budget of over £300,000 we need your support to continue the vital work we do.

With a dual purpose of  EMPOWERING OUR YOUTH TO GIVE and supporting 1000's in our community your donation will really help us on our mission.

At Shabbat Walk we aim to inspire the youth of our community to become givers. In doing so we are able to help and assist those who are struggling or are lonely in our community. Our dedicated young volunteers assist families in need such as families with children with special needs, new born babies and any other families who are struggling that may gain from some extra volunteer support. Our older volunteers provide visits and shifts in hospitals 24/7.

The families that Shabbat Walk supports constantly express how much they appreciate the volunteers and what a difference they have made to their lives. In addition to this, the volunteers constantly express how this experience has transformed them and how they view the world. We, as volunteers, can agree that the experience has been amazing for us and we are honoured to be involved in such a great organisation.

In order to recruit more volunteers and sustain the growth of the organisation we urgently need more funds. Please donate now and help us to increase all the amazing work Shabbat Walk does!

20/06/2022 18:47

David Baddiel has sponsored Aron And Kiki Gilbert
17/06/2022 11:29

Anonymous has sponsored Elisheva De Lange
19/10/2021 07:59

Anonymous has sponsored Aron And Kiki Gilbert
10/10/2021 11:11

Moishe Stimler has sponsored Family Dubiner
16/09/2021 20:29

AY has sponsored Naftoli Spector
12/09/2021 17:52

Dan Summers has sponsored Yoni Myerson
06/09/2021 09:36

Nick Francis has sponsored Family Dubiner
05/09/2021 21:23

Avi Haffner has sponsored Eli Bordon
05/09/2021 17:22

Alan Harounoff has sponsored Samuel Aaron
05/09/2021 13:48

Simcha has sponsored Eliezer And Shanni Gilbert

More Donations

Amount Date Sponsor Donated to Comment Campaign
£36.0020/06/2022David BaddielAron And Kiki GilbertFriends & Supporters
£36.0017/06/2022AnonymousElisheva De LangeFriends & Supporters
£100.0019/10/2021AnonymousAron And Kiki GilbertFriends & Supporters
£72.0010/10/2021Moishe StimlerFamily DubinerBest kef madrichFriends & Supporters
£20.0016/09/2021AYNaftoli SpectorU r epic Toti!!!!!!! Keep being the incredible volunteer everybody is raving about!!!!! Love AY xxxBike Ride
£72.0012/09/2021Dan SummersYoni MyersonWell done Yoni! Next stop Paris 2024!Bike Ride
£100.0006/09/2021Nick FrancisFamily DubinerFriends & Supporters
£20.0005/09/2021Avi Haffner Eli BordonTell your father I did thisBike Ride
£36.0005/09/2021Alan HarounoffSamuel AaronKol HaCavod SamuelBike Ride
£36.0005/09/2021SimchaEliezer And Shanni GilbertBetter late than neverBike Ride