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On June 20th, we will be running a 5km obstacle assault course through thick mud. We will encounter a water course, climbing through tyres, crawling across nets and challenging obstacles all the way round. We are ready to take on this challenge because Shabbat Walk is a charity that is so important to us and to the community. Your donation can really help us exceed our goal.

At Shabbat Walk we aim to inspire the youth of our community to become givers. In doing so we are able to help and assist those who are struggling or are lonely in our community. Our dedicated young volunteers assist families in need such as families with children with special needs, new born babies and any other families who are struggling that may gain from some extra volunteer support. Our older volunteers provide visits and shifts in hospitals 24/7.

The families that Shabbat Walk supports constantly express how much they appreciate the volunteers and what a difference they have made to their lives. In addition to this, the volunteers constantly express how this experience has transformed them and how they view the world. We, as volunteers, can agree that the experience has been amazing for us and we are honoured to be involved in such a great organisation.

In order to recruit more volunteers and sustain the growth of the organisation we urgently need more funds. Please donate now and help us to increase all the amazing work Shabbat Walk does!

Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£180.0020/06/2021Moshe & LissieFor Sara!!
£5.0017/06/2021Shani Wags😁😉😝Goooo spl and sery!!! Gonna beat the plank in the mud sari😛🤩 will paint u with mud saraaa 😆😛 xx
£11.0013/06/2021Tamiguyyyssss!!! soz sari this is rlly for sara as a kaporoh of the prank we did on her! love ya guyss😘
£50.0013/06/2021Clairest XxEnjoy and for a great cause. Love you x
£100.0011/06/2021Michael And Ruchie Go Sara Landau 🏃‍♀️
£100.0010/06/2021Philip & Rachel Vwishing you best of luck 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
£36.0010/06/2021Rose And GaryGood Luck!
£5.0010/06/2021SPLL Slo ;) lets get our goal sarimo!!!!!!!! so psyched!! warning: i think there will be mudddddd..... ;p xxxxx
£36.0010/06/2021Uncle Josh & Aunty DinaWell done Sara!!!
£100.0010/06/2021AnonymousProud of you Sara and Sari!!
£36.0010/06/2021Fiona How could I ever say no to my favourite Sara! Loads of Hatzlacha for this amazing cause.
£20.0031/05/2021UR #1 CUZ!To donate or not to donate..that was the question😝 good luck sari! Have fun! Enjoy ur mud facial!!
£5.0021/05/2021Aliza & Leah Sara!! #Best chaburah! keep shteiging ;-) enjoyy!! XX
£36.0019/05/2021YaeliHave funnnn love ur fave cuz 😘😘
£10.0016/05/2021Chayelle And AdinaGood luck Sari!
£36.0013/05/2021Ricky Good luck Sara!
£18.0012/05/2021Menachem And EmilySARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
£5.0012/05/2021SaraheSara L no no no we need to sit down and talk about this … there was no silver in your hair :)
£5.0012/05/2021Saraheto the fabulous sari mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good luck in raising your target and have fuuuun!!!1
£10.0011/05/2021Bob And StewartSARA!!! can i pls make a treaty with you ;p. KEVIN!!! Oh yeeeee!! we are going to steal the moooooon
£5.0010/05/2021Posen 😁🤩😎Sazzaria, Pessy!!!!!! Cant wait to make you filthy!!!!!! mwahahahaha 😈😈😈 luv ya xx
£7.0009/05/2021Tamspllll!!! cant wait to push ya in the muddd!!!! get hypedddd!! love ya lotss xxx
£18.0007/05/2021Booba Aisenthal To my favourite great granddaughter 😉 so proud of you xxx
£18.0006/05/2021Simcha And Rifki Go Sari!!
£50.0006/05/2021B7active 💓❤️ you got this!
£5.0005/05/2021Tami...just had to add to the donations😋 cant waitttt!!! lotsa loveeee sportyyy
£7.0005/05/2021YAEL 😊...and for 28 sit-ups!! a deals a deal!! cant wait to get u muddy sarimo... 😘😘
£5.0005/05/2021Racheli Cohenwell done for the 20 press ups!😆 xxxxxx
£36.0002/05/2021Bubba Proud of u Sari xx
£5.0030/04/2021Benny😀enjoy it!-shame i cant be there to get u dirty 😉
£10.0029/04/2021Yossi & Dallia Good luck Sari!
£18.0029/04/2021Shevy You better shower before you come home 😈
£5.0027/04/2021Leah!!Good Luck Sari!!!!!:)
£18.0027/04/2021Tuli & RinaGood luck Sari!
£18.0027/04/2021Kalmen&chaniGo sari!
£5.0024/04/2021Tami gooooo sariiiiiiii!!!!!! heres smthing to start u off ;p watch out for the muddddd!!!!
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