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On June 20th, we will be running a 5km obstacle assault course through thick mud. We will encounter a water course, climbing through tyres, crawling across nets and challenging obstacles all the way round. We are ready to take on this challenge because Shabbat Walk is a charity that is so important to us and to the community. Your donation can really help us exceed our goal.

At Shabbat Walk we aim to inspire the youth of our community to become givers. In doing so we are able to help and assist those who are struggling or are lonely in our community. Our dedicated young volunteers assist families in need such as families with children with special needs, new born babies and any other families who are struggling that may gain from some extra volunteer support. Our older volunteers provide visits and shifts in hospitals 24/7.

The families that Shabbat Walk supports constantly express how much they appreciate the volunteers and what a difference they have made to their lives. In addition to this, the volunteers constantly express how this experience has transformed them and how they view the world. We, as volunteers, can agree that the experience has been amazing for us and we are honoured to be involved in such a great organisation.

In order to recruit more volunteers and sustain the growth of the organisation we urgently need more funds. Please donate now and help us to increase all the amazing work Shabbat Walk does!

Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£30.0020/06/2021AnonymousGo Go Nechama! With much Hatzlocha
£110.0020/06/2021anonymousGo Malky!!!!!!!
£36.0020/06/2021AnonymousGood Luck Miriamy
£18.0020/06/2021Avremi RosenbergGood luck Ruchama and Sorel!!
£18.0018/06/2021Adina D
£18.0018/06/2021AvigdorHaztlacha Ruchama!
£10.0018/06/2021Rachelli, Michal And MenachemRuchama, are you wearing your zip earrings?!
£5.0018/06/2021Best Big SisS is for SOREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
£5.0018/06/2021Best Big SisS is for sister
£5.0018/06/2021Best Big SisS is for smiley
£5.0018/06/2021Best Big SisS is for special
£5.0018/06/2021Best Big SisS is for sensational
£5.0018/06/2021Best Big SisS is for super
£10.0018/06/2021Chayelle And Yossi!!best sister ever!! enjoy the run:)
£10.0018/06/2021Neighbours At 63 Elmcroft CrescentSorel Zeiden, hatzlocha rabo! :-)
£25.0018/06/2021Gella KlienHatzlocha Esti and enjoy!!
£18.0017/06/2021Estie Vorhand GO YR 10! You're doing great!!👍
£10.0017/06/2021AnonymousRuchama for you (actually, for shabbos walk)
£20.0017/06/2021Esti And YotzHatzlocha and enjoy Esti!!
£5.0016/06/2021Chavinech this ones for you....
£5.0016/06/2021ChaviGO us GO!!
£5.0016/06/2021Chavicant wait to get you all filthy....!!!
£10.0016/06/2021SoreleGood luck and enjoy it all Ruchama!!!
£10.0016/06/2021Avrumi & Judith HellerEnjoy the mud and enjoy it, Esti! Wishing you Hazloche rabbo
£10.0015/06/2021RochelleRoasted Face - Be Careful! We love you
£10.0015/06/2021Moishe LastIn honour of Henoch
£10.0015/06/2021M Zwiebel
£10.0015/06/2021M Heitner
£10.0015/06/2021I Eckstein
£10.0015/06/2021D Goldschimdt
£10.0015/06/2021Jeff Vine
£10.0015/06/2021C D Friedmann
£50.0015/06/2021Dencommon LtdGood luck Malky
£10.0015/06/2021Z&E RutebergHatzlocho and have fun Sorel and Ruchama and all ur friends
£10.0015/06/2021Shloime Always doing for others like ......
£10.0015/06/2021Leibi Henoch - such a good Dad !
£10.0014/06/2021Uri What commitment!
£50.0014/06/2021Hilda CohenBest of luck Ruchama. A very worthy cause.
£5.0014/06/2021Batsheva LiserFor sorel:)
£5.0014/06/2021Y&D WulwickHatzlacha Sorel. Tizku LeMitzvos!
£10.0013/06/2021CzcTo our GREAT granddaughter RUCHAMA!
£5.0013/06/2021Uncle D & Aunty MR
£10.0011/06/2021C BurmanHatzlocho
£40.0010/06/2021MISS COHENFOR THE BEST YEAR 10 GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
£10.0010/06/2021YAELFOR MY BEST COUSIN AND STUDENT SOREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXXXXXX
£10.0010/06/2021Ari EllinsonGood Luck Rikki!
£5.0010/06/2021Yitzchok Sliw
£36.0010/06/2021Shins:)Hey cant wait to run with you all!! (even though we should be shopping;) xx
£5.0010/06/2021RuchamaGO US!! cant wait!!!
£20.0008/06/2021Gilabest sis! missing you like mad😍xx
£21.5007/06/2021MALKYfor all my fellow classmates good luck cant wait to get you all muddy😜 LOL
£18.0006/06/2021Esti HeitnerWishing you all much Hatslacha!
£18.0006/06/2021Malky AbermanIn honour of Nechama Hommel! Enjoy the mud run!!
£5.0003/06/2021AnonymousGo Shaindy!!!
£10.0001/06/2021Aunty DevorahIn honour of Rikki Hersh. Hatzlocho!
£25.0030/05/2021Shmulik & Sari ShalomTo my dearest Sister-in-law
£10.0027/05/2021Elazar ShalomFor my cousin Miriam!!!! enjoy!!!
£18.0025/05/2021The South African CousinsGo Soreeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
£25.0024/05/2021Shua & Rivki Loebenstein For Ruchama and Sorel. Hatzlocho and enjoy!
£18.0024/05/2021S Zaiden
£10.0023/05/2021Family RoodynWell Done Miriam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hope you come back to kc in 1 peace!!!!!!!!
£18.0021/05/2021G&D GrosbergHatzlacha
£50.0019/05/2021Menachem Shaindy in memory of your grandparents Rav Mendel ben Rav Meir Hacohen & Meoras Naomi bas Yisrael
£50.0016/05/2021Shmulito my best sister keep your great work !!!
£25.0014/05/2021Yossi And Yael HalberstadtMuch hatzlocho (for Nechama Hommel)
£150.0013/05/2021AnonymousShaindy, for you!
£15.0013/05/2021Nusi & HindyEsti, Dont run too fast as you need koach for the wedding to dance iyh
£18.0013/05/2021Shirelle JosephJust as you asked... to the best geog girls! Huge good luck!! Will be cheering for you!!!
£36.0013/05/2021Mark & Rifka ShayaFor Nechama Hommel. Hatzlocho !
£18.0013/05/2021Romy G
£10.0012/05/2021FaigeThe mud will wash off but the memories will last a lifetime;) ENJOY!!
£10.0012/05/2021CD SternBest Wishes:)
£18.0012/05/2021Uncle Yehuda And A PeninahKol Hakavod to Esti !!!! Keep the walking shoes on 🙂
£10.0012/05/2021ChaniBest sister and aunty- ESTI GROSZ!!!! Love Chani and Libby
£36.0012/05/2021Adina De Vries
£10.0011/05/2021S Hersh
£10.0011/05/2021Mrs GrayeffIn exchange for not chatting the next 10 lessons....
£10.0011/05/2021AshiraGo yr10!!
£18.0011/05/2021Ben Hai Shalom
£5.0010/05/2021Geli G.Good luck Esti
£10.0010/05/2021Sara BenasulyGOOD LUCK!!!!!
£5.0010/05/2021AnonymousGood luck!!! Enjoy getting dirty 😜😜
£10.0010/05/2021Cheski, Rivka, NetanelGood luck Sarah
£100.0010/05/2021Uncle ManasheHatzlacha Raba Sara. Tizku leMitzvot!
£60.0009/05/2021Daddy And MummyTo our daughter Shaindy we are so proud of you. Hope you enjoy the mud run.
£10.0009/05/2021Lezer Yitzchok, Esti, Shiffy & ElishOUR BEST AUNTY! BIG ESTI GROWSZ
£36.0009/05/2021Elozor & Sarah HershIn honour of Rikki Hersh, keep up the great chesed!!
£9.0009/05/2021Family KorkoshHatzlacha
£5.0007/05/2021Malka ReznickMissing all of you!! Hatzlacha
£5.0006/05/2021AnonymousSHAINDY! just to get you kick-started.... :)
£18.0006/05/2021AnonymousSo proud of you Miriamy!
£10.0006/05/2021MSTo you my special granddaughter Miriam Shalom, Hatzlucaha with everything, from your Savta S
£15.0006/05/2021Ruchi GroszHatzlocha to Esti Grosz- best cousin
£10.0005/05/2021Feigy And Sruly To our best aunt Esty We are so proud of you!! Is that clear enough?
£5.0005/05/2021Menorah High Year 10 😄Can't wait to have fun with you all at the mud run! Good luck reaching your target! xx
£200.0004/05/2021Uncle Davidgo Sara go!
£18.0004/05/2021Mrs NoeGo Year 10 Tiferes!! Exercise AND chesed! It’s a win win!!
£5.0003/05/2021MiriGOOD LUCK!!!!!!! I am NOT fomo.
£10.0003/05/2021Anonymousi hope you all remember you have a halocho test tomorrow. Good luck with your run.
£50.0003/05/2021So Proud Of You Fab Sis!!!!!!!!Lub u loads 😍 xx
£50.0003/05/2021AnonymousHatzlacha Rabba
£5.0002/05/2021EstherKEEP IT UP AMBUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UR DOING GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
£10.0002/05/2021Nachy & MichaliHatzlucha!
£50.0002/05/2021AnonymousNechama#BESTEST SIS#LOVE U!!!
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