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On August 2nd, we  will be running, dashing, shouting, laughing, screaming, splashing and be'achdus be doing a 5km obstacle assault course through thick squelchy and dirty mud. We will encounter a water course, climbing through tyres, crawling across nets and challenging obstacles all the way round. We are ready to take on this challenge because SHABBAT WALK is a charity that is so important to the community and our selfs. Your donation will really really help us exceed our goal.

We really appreciate every donation

thank you for your support 

racheli roediger,esti elijah, rina klein and nechama adler x

Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£10.0029/07/2020Elchonon ChontowWell done Rina!
£18.0010/07/2020Fam T AdlerTo our superstar Nechama ! Always first to do chesed , you make us very proud xxx
£10.0009/07/2020Tolly LebrechtEat your veg
£10.0008/07/2020Rachelli FThank you for all the babysitting esti! Good luck with the run!
£10.0007/07/2020Suri LipschitsFor our best babysitter Esti! Good luck!! Love Family Lipschits
£36.0030/06/2020Family Kleinwishing our cousins all the best! lots of love, A, A, Y, Y, N, C + E ❤️
£10.0029/06/2020Karen Joseph
£5.0029/06/2020Tali#BEST CLASSMATES!!! Rooting for you guys!
£10.0028/06/2020Eliana MilletGood luck !!!
£10.0028/06/2020Eli ArbibShkoyach Nechama, right back at you
£10.0027/06/2020Ora Goldberg
£18.0022/06/2020Chaim And Dalia Halvieim Go Nechama!!!!!!
£25.0021/06/2020Joseph Lerner
£5.0021/06/2020Eliana MorrisWoohoo!! Can’t wait to see the princess dresses! Good luck!
£18.0021/06/2020Sara Roth
£50.0021/06/2020Kerri Fox Such a worthwhile cause, Chayli! With a big good luck hug from little Sam
£25.0019/06/2020Shloimi Malka & AyalaGood luck nechama - your a great example for doing חסד
£25.0019/06/2020Yitzy and Ayala Lerner
£5.0019/06/2020Chayli I'm gonna make sure every one of you doesn't go home in one piece. Love you my mushy mud monsters ;)
£5.0019/06/2020Tova SharmanGet Hypedddd
£5.0019/06/2020Aliza AdlerGooo guyss!!! I’ll stick to being ur cheerleader; u do the dirty work in ur princess dresses xxxxx
£100.0018/06/2020AnonymousRina...couch to 5k here we go!!
£10.0018/06/2020AnonymousGet stuck in Nechama and Rina!! Love Shana xx
£25.0018/06/2020AnonymousGood luck Rina! X
£18.0018/06/2020AnonymousGo Nechama!!
£100.0018/06/2020AnonymousRina , we love you. Mama & Papa
£3.9018/06/2020AnonymousGood luck!
£3.7718/06/2020AnonymousJust to round it up!
£10.0018/06/2020ElkiIt's only fair that I give you back ;-)
£10.0018/06/2020RinaChayli, nechama, esti... enjoy eating my dust
£18.0018/06/2020Avi And Malky Berkowicz Good luck
£10.0018/06/2020Mark Dansky
£36.0018/06/2020AnonymousSmash it Rina! Love from James Bond, Sir Alex and Emilia (Mod)
£100.0018/06/2020AnonymousHatslachah rabbah
£25.0016/06/2020David WienerLet’s Get Training!!
£10.0016/06/2020Batsheva What a team!! Hatzlocho and have fun!
£200.0016/06/2020Samson ElijahHatslachah rabbah!!
£18.0016/06/2020AnonymousA pleasure to sponsor you Esti - enjoy it !
£3.0015/06/2020Sari To my fav cuz!!! Luv ya loads and can’t wait!!!
£3.0015/06/2020AnonymousEsther Malka Chaya Elijah u are such a tzedakes ur an inspiration for the whole of klal yisroel!
£5.0015/06/2020RinaaaaLove you guys beyond!! Xoxo
£3.0015/06/2020AnonymousEsti u bring me so much nachas and it's truly amazing to be ur wife
£3.0015/06/2020AnonymousOne pound fish
£18.0015/06/2020AnonymousWell done!! You’re all amazing!!
£50.0015/06/2020zeidy and bubba lernerSome more natural ingredients for your skin and hair ;)
£36.0015/06/2020Esther Taylor
£10.0014/06/2020Anonymouswell done nechama and co!! good luck x
£50.0014/06/2020Esti BrahamSo proud of you girls!! Cheering you on!
£18.0014/06/2020Family KorblGood luck Nechama and Rina. Love from the Korbls
£72.0014/06/2020Yisroel PelsGo Nechama Go!! Well done gr8 work u always do helping others. Love the Pels's xx
£5.0014/06/2020Herbert Samuel And Co!Part 1..... to our special nechama ....coz we want you to run in a princess dress xx
£3.3314/06/2020AnonymousGood luck!
£30.0014/06/2020Yuri & YaeliG luck Nechama! Kol hakavod x
£18.0014/06/2020Dani And Esty SpitzerWell done Nechama x
£25.0014/06/2020Yitzi & Dina
£18.0014/06/2020Avigail CohenRina, you’re an inspiration! Good luck. Kol Hakavod
£10.0014/06/2020AnonymousWell done!!!!
£10.0014/06/2020Yossi LernerGood luck
£36.0014/06/2020A PosenSo pleased to support amazing students for an amazing organization!
£5.0014/06/2020Nechama Adleryou so excited to run with you! head start x
£40.0014/06/2020Magnolia Rabinowitz