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if you know me, you'll know that, no matter what way you phrase it, me and running are not such besties. but, as I said, if you know me, you'll know that me and mud/getting dirty DO get along. So when I heard about this mud run, I thought, and I thought that running is not me, but mud is, and I realised that what I want, is not always what matters. sometimes, going out of my comfort zone to do something for someone else, and I realised that if I do this mud run, I will be helping so many people through Shabbat Walk.

Shabbat Walk is such an amazing organisation and they help so many people in so many different ways. Whether it be walking to people in hospitals in Shabbos, sending volunteers to people with special needs children or newborns houses on Shabbos and during the week. Whether it be visiting care homes or helping families with financial struggle. And, on top of that, there is a whole section of Shabbat walk, in Israel!!!!!!!!

I think that Shabbat Walk is also so amazing because they are one of the only Chessed organisations around that allows children to be able to contribute in Chessed from the age of 10. 

As you can see, Shabbat Walk is an amazing organisation, this is my way of giving back to them, why not make it yours?

Amount Date Sponsor Comment
£50.0030/07/2020Adam PasterGo Rina we are so proud of you!
£10.0007/07/2020Brooke & OraGood luck Rina! We love you XX
£18.0007/07/2020Tova Grodzinski
£36.0007/07/2020Kids ZoladzWe are sooooooo proud of you Rina!!!!!
£10.0027/06/2020Ora Goldberg
£50.0024/06/2020Dan The ManKol hakawod Rina !!!!
£5.0018/06/2020AnonymousGo Rina! Wish you (and me) good luck!
£5.0018/06/2020Miriam KahnGood Luck! X
£36.0015/06/2020Hadasa Mayerfeld
£5.0012/06/2020Avigail MWow Rina! Well done for trying this! Ur great! 😊
£18.0012/06/2020Debbie & Jonny Sheldon Good luck! Sounds messy!
£100.0012/06/2020AnonymousEnjoy getting muddy :)
£5.0012/06/2020Tamar HoffGood luck