Volunteer below 18 year old

Shabbat Walk Volunteer Registration Form Under 18 – For parents to complete with child

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with Shabbat Walk; we hope that we can work together to make a real difference.
In order for you to become a volunteer with us please complete this form.

Personal Info

Emergency contact

Please provide the details of one referee such as a professional or teacher: this should not be a relative

Other info

Families with newborns
Children with special needs
Homework Help
Hospital Visits
Care Home Visits

GP name, address & phone number (for emergency use only)

Parental Declaration

I agree for the above-named person to (please tick as appropriate):
Visit Hospitals (over 16 if unaccompanied)
Visit Care homes
Take the children out of the house alone

A risk assessment is undertaken in all homes where volunteers may be asked to go. Volunteers must comply with our Safeguarding and Child Protection protocols and the Shabbat Walk Rules & Regulations. Volunteers are expected to abide by any training or instructions given by any member of the Shabbat Walk staff, and are expected to exercise good common sense and judgement whilst volunteering for Shabbat Walk.

Shabbat Walk is here to ensure the smooth running of all volunteering opportunities; if at any point volunteers need assistance, please contact our office with any queries where we will do our best to assist.

Please ensure you read each of the drop down sections below and confirm via the tick box that you have discussed the information with your child.

Safeguarding & Child Protection Information

Shabbat Walk Volunteering – Rules & Regulations

Helpful Advice & Tips


Whilst Shabbat Walk can provide information of this nature to parents, it is parent’s responsibility to ensure that their children are made aware of this Safeguarding and Child Protection Information and make an informed decision regarding their volunteering. Parents should check with their children as to where they are when volunteering. Parents should contact the Volunteer Coordinator for more details if necessary.

For Parents

I confirm that I have discussed the above information regarding Safeguarding & Child Protection and Shabbat Walk’s Rules & Regulations with my child. I accept full responsibility in ensuring that my child age has a clear understanding of the Safeguarding & Child Protection information supplied and Shabbat Walk’s Rules & Regulations.

Parent signature (draw with mouse):

Volunteer signature (draw with mouse):
Thank you so much for volunteering! We hope that this experience will inspire you as much as it benefits those that you are helping. If at any point you would require further advice or information please feel free to be in touch with your coordinators or a member of the Shabbat Walk Team.